Founded by Mehmet Fırıl, tatu fly? is a psychedelic, cinematic, instrumental music project spiced with ethnic timbres and occasional maqam tones over rock foundation.

tatu fly? has taken part in Turkish as well as worldwide compilation albums with many singles published between 2001 – 2014.

In 2014, the works composed within this period were collected in the first studio album “Somewhere Around Nowhere” and released by Anadolu Müzik label. In the cover of the the album which consisted of 13 consecutive tunes complementing each other, different oil paintings of Ömer Yiğit Aral was used for each song.

In 2015, Mehmet Fırıl wrote a new music for the theater play “Medea Kali” written by Laurent Gaude and adapted by Zeynep Utku to be performed in Turkish State Theaters.

tatu fly?’s second studio album “Nomad” has been released in 2019 by the label of Big Fat Mama Records.

Having the characteristics of a sequel of “Somewhere Around Nowhere”, this new album has come to life with the inspiration of the unique works prepared for “Medea Kali” theater play. The six tracks in the album narrate the dark, mental and spiritual journey of an anti-hero who reflects the well known mythological figures Medeia, Kali and Medusa. For the album artwork of this musical journey, the audience is accompanied by one of the precious works of Chet Zar, an American Dark Surrealist.

Since its first live gig on Rock İstanbul Festival in 2004, tatu fly? (Mehmet  Fırıl: Fretless-Standard Bass guitar, Synthesizer) has performed in many festivals and concert halls within years, and has been recently continuing to come together with its followers with accompaniment of Ozan Erkan (Fretless-Standard Electric guitar) Burak Ergenç (Electric guitar), N.Evrim Doğ (Synthesizer), Mert Alkaya (Drum) and various ethnic, acoustical instrumentalists on live stages.